55% of tablet users in the US report using a video feature on their tablets, according to a recent NPD Group study. This also includes video calling, taking videos, posting videos and obviously watching videos, with streaming also included.


The video feature usage is more widespread among youngsters. For example, 67% of tablet users with ages between 18 and 34 use these video features, compared to the 53% of 35 to 54 year olds and 45% of users aged 55 and older. This is clearly eating into the smart TV market, if you ask me. Video watching from a streaming service or TV Channel app seems to be their favourite way of consuming vids.

According to the new Connected Intelligence TV & Video App Availability Report, 66 of the 70 TV and streaming video apps evaluated are available on tablets. The iPad gets the lion’s share of 66, followed by 60 on Android tablets, 43 on Kindle Fire and 32 on Windows tablets. The research has also shown that tablet ownership among US consumers is rising and growing faster than any other connected device.