A new study is out, showing that in the future tablet video viewership will surpass desktop and smartphones in this area, at least in USA. About 149 million viewers are expected to rely on tablets by 2018 and this era was started by the iPad apparently.


The tablet market has saturated the North American market, with users expected to grow from 132.2 million in 2013 to 147.2 million this year. About 52.1% of the US population will be using a tablet by 2018, apparently. Tablets are chosen more and more over laptops and desktops for watching videos, both offline and online. Portability and large variety of diagonals are the main arguments for this triumph.

The average US adult will spend 20 minutes on tablets per day and in total he’ll spend 55 minutes a day on digital video. The tablet alloted time grew from 13 minutes in 2013 to 20 minutes this year and it will continue to grow. Meanwhile, smartphones lag behind with about 13 minutes. For now advertisers haven’t seized the trend and are still serving traditional ads for laptops and desktops.

By the year 2018, the revenue spent on digital video ads in USA will grow to about $12.27 billion, so tablets will have to get a separate cut.