It appears that tablet use in hospitality, hotels and other such businesses is going to soar over the next years, according to a new research. The study comes from IDC and the main factors for adoption are the need for improved efficiency and customer service.


Over half of the respondents were already using some tablets, said the same Rethinking Retail: The Tablet Revolution analysis. Sponsored by Panasonic, the forecast shows that adoption will reach 10% by the end of this year and it will increase to 15% of all computing devices by 2018. That applies to retail and wholesale, while in hospitality the figures are 12% now and will reach 16% in 2018.

The research was done in France, Germany and UK, finding that 72% of retailers and 77% of hospitality companies will deploy slates to make work easier. 51% of retailers expect improved customer facing engagement and 41% said that tablets will fulfil their business needs. Battery life was a big criteria here (over 70% of the respondents quoted it). The only bad thing is that the concierge may end up playing too much Angry Birds and missing some customers.