Chinese application processors meant for use in tablets are expected to grow 6% sequentially over the second quarter of the current year, says Digitimes Research. This means that the shipments will reach 20.4 million units in the time frame ending in 3 weeks.


Device vendors are rebuilding their inventory, according to Digitimes Research and orders are growing, as new models are prepped for release in Q3. Mediatek is still the biggest fish in the pond, with a 24.4% market share over the second quarter. Their shipments have grown 13.6% sequentially during the quarter. Intel got a 16.7% increase over the second quarter, thanks to the higher demand for 2 in 1 devices.

Digitimes Research also shows that Intel ranks second with the share rising to 17.1% in the current quarter. Spreadtrum somehow got to third position, with a jump of 36.4% from the previous quarter. However, they are more specialized in chip solutions for entry level tablets, rather than high end units.