It appears that the T-Mobile CEO has let the cat out of the bag, as far as the new iPads coming next week are concerned. T-Mobile is in its infancy as far as its relations with Apple are concerned. They’ve started carrying iPhones back in April this year and now they want to sell iPads… new iPads that is.


CEO John Legere hinted at the announcement coming on October 22nd, the date when Apple will have a big event to show us. The CEO sent out a tweet saying that he’s excited for October 22nd and also linked to an article covering invites sent out earlier this week for Apple’s iPad event. During that event Apple is expected to introduce the iPad 5, a more compact 9.7 inch iPad with an iPad Mini like design and enhanced internal specs.

Also, they are expected to introduce an iPad Mini with a Retina display, a better CPU and better camera. Solid leaks have pointed towards new colors for the new iPads and Touch ID fingerprint scanners. The countdown has started and why do I have a feeling we’ll only get an iPad 5 this time, as the Mini 2 doesn’t feel quite ready?