After the price reductions of the 32 GB Surface RT tablet at Staples in USA, it’s time for Europeans and Australians to get the same treatment. The slate goes for 329 euros now in Germany and 279 quid in the UK.


The 32 GB model is sold with the Touch Cover for 429 euros in Germany, the same price as the basic 64 GB version. The premium 64 GB model with Touch Cover goes for 529 euros. The prices have been applied at several authorized dealers in Germany. In case you’re wondering, the 329 euro price tag is down from 479 euro, which is a 150 euro reduction, so it’s pretty impressive.

In France, the product costs 339 euros, while in Italy it goes for 337 and in Spain for 329. Australia is also getting similar price cuts and Microsoft has yet to disclose the reason of these reductions. To me, it’s pretty clear: they’re getting rid of stock in order to make room for the next generation of Surface models.