Since the Surface 3 tablet started selling in US this week, at various retailers, it’s time to let the advertising hounds loose. Thus, a campaign has started, involving a TV ad, among others. You can watch it below.

surface 3 tablet

This is not an emotional ad, but rather a pragmatic one, filled with features and reviews of the device. We’re reminded it can upgrade to Windows 10, that it runs full Windows and The Verge is mentioned as calling the slate “beautiful and modern”. The 3 position kickstand is shown, together with the Mini Display port and the full USB 3.0 port.

We also catch a glimpse at the stylus and one of the keyboard covers, as well as the promise of a full day of battery life. Over the past years Surface tablets have been increasing in market share, but they have a long way to go till they even reach the heel of the Android slates’ share. Productivity-wise, this model does sound good and $499 is a good price, unless you want a Lenovo.