We’ve had our share of Nexus 8 rumors over the past months, including this one here, from back in the days of the KitKat promo last fall. Now there appears to be another leak, showing the Nexus 8 tablet on the Google I/O page.


Google and HTC have been said to be working on a device codenamed Flounder, an 8 or 8.9 inch slate with very good specs. Although we could see the product next month at I/O, this model may also debut in Q3, as rumored. Of course, the image above may only be a simple placeholder, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. Also, it’s kind of an ugly slate to be the next flagship.

If HTC is indeed its maker, they have to pay great attention to this product, since it could bury them if it fails. HTC has been staying in the shadows for 3 years, as far as tablets are concerned and they are basically forced to come back with a bang or lose millions. If this is indeed the Nexus 8, it appears to come with at least one front facing speaker. Its bezels are pretty big sadly and the only justification I imagine for this is…. waterproofing.

The corners are also more rounded than the November leak.