After in the past few weeks we talked about the actual Samsung flagship called Galaxy S5 and about the devices based on the Galaxy S5, like the Galaxy K Zoom, now we find out more details about one of the most expected phablets of the south-korean company – Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will bring some very attractive functions like Swipe to launch Motion Launcher, Aqua Capture, Multi Network for Booster and Smart Fingerprint. One of these, the Aqua Capture will allow users to take photos under water, a function found on the Galaxy S4 Active.

This could mean that the new Samsung phablet will have a superior water certification unlike the one introduced on the Galaxy S5. We also have Multi Network for Booster, a function that combines the mobile data and the WiFi connectivity for a superior download speed and Swipe to launch Motion Launcher.

This one will allow users to launch apps or unlock the phone just by a swipe gesture made on the screen while the phone it’s in standby mode. As the Smart Fingerprint suggest, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will bring a fingerprint sensor too.