Sprint has great plans for next year, intending to bring phones, tablets and modems to the market by 2012. The info came during the Strategy Event organized by the carrier last week. CDMA, LTE and WiMAX will be found in the portofolio products of the company in the following months.

They will focus on speed and commit to using WiMAX, as well as dual mode CDMA/LTE. The product with support for the latter connectivity type will come in the middle of next year, including tablets and smartphones from the high and mid range segments. Motorola’s Sanjay Jha already confirmed his involvement with these initiatives, so we’re expecting at least a tablet or two that will support the latest in connectivity standards.

Sprint also has Direct Connect among its plans, with Push To Talk phones aiming at Q4 release. And now we wait for some LTE tablets to grace us with launch dates and specs on this carrier… T-Mobile already leaked its roadmap for a year or so, so it’s the turn of AT&T and Sprint to up the ante.