Sony’s got a PlayStation tablet and PlayStation phone for you for a mere $300, if you’re willing to take the plunge and go to AT&T. The Sony Tablet P dual display slate and the Xperia Play are now available on the previously mentioned carrier, for as low as $300 with two contracts.

Recently the Sony Tablet P has made the news as an easy to root dual screen device, that was hacked by a member of the Pocketables forum. Honestly speaking, it’s not worth to have two data plans for these devices, even if they’re PlayStation certified. Having tested the Xperia Play, I can say it’s a pretty crappy and laggy phone, with a beautiful design, but also a confused control system. The dual display Sony Tablet P is really something, but you’re better off getting it unlocked with a price that’s only a bit higher.

This is a dual core tablet with a dual 5.5 inch display, that weighs 375 grams and runs Android 3.2 Hneycomb. I’m really curios if the price of $300 applies to the 3G Sony Tablet P or the regular eone, although I have a feeling it’s the 3G unit, since there’s no point in having a data plan you can’t use, right?