We’ve heard a few days ago that Sony may be preparing the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact for release and today we see a teaser of that device, supposedly. The image below was posted on one of Sony’s Facebook pages, one dedicated to its SmartBand wearable.


In the picture you see a guy next to a pool, tablet in hand and a new and mystery smartwatch at his wrist. The placement near the water is a bit of a hint that the devices will be waterproof, if you ask me. Meanwhile, judging by the image, this is a 7 or 8 inch slate with a white body and it seems made of plastic and rectangular. It resembles the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 a bit and seems to feature big bezels by current standards.

Anyway this newcomer is expected to debut at IFA 2014 in early September and it will probably feature a top notch Snapdragon CPU, 3 GB of RAM and at least 16 GB of storage. I also expect a solid back camera, good videocall camera and microSD card slot. Wouldn’t be surprised if it comes with Android L in case it debuts later on.