Engadget has recently had the chance to play with the beautiful Sony S1 and S2 tablets, that are pictured straight from their hands on experience below. We remind you that these are Honeycomb units with some UI customizations and PlayStation certification. The S1 adopts the “folded magazine” design, while the S2 is a clamshell.

Sony S1 incorporates a 9.4 inch display and it’s the rounded superior size area that looks like a folded magazine. On the other side, Sony S2 uses two 5.5 inch displays, that close up into a design that looks very much like a glasses case. It will be interesting to see Android 3.0 running on a diagonal smaller than 7 inches in this case…

The wedge of the S1 makes it easy to hold with one hand, according to Engadget and viewing angles are also improved thanks to this design feat, especially when you place the slate face up on a tablet. The resolution of the 9.4 inch screen is pretty good: 1280 x 768 and moving to the S2, this is an unique machine, that when closed it’s almost ovular in shape, with rounded edges.

Sadly no one managed to get some hands on time with a videogame on these slates… maybe in the future?