Fresh on the heels of the E Ink partnership, Sony unveiled a new giant e-paper slate, dubbed DPT-RP1. We’ve already seen the firm tackling this segment, with the DPT-S1 device, so it’s not exactly a premiere.

Such models have the advantage of less power usage compared to regular displays and the fact that they mimic paper and ink. They’re also great with sunlight and can display a static image without using power. The newcomer, DPT-RP1 has a 13.3 inch screen with a 1650 x 2000 pixel resolution, a bump up from the 1200 x 1600 res of the predecessor. It also weighs a mere 349 grams.

This device is clearly meant for viewing and editing documents like PDFs, rather than web browsing or watching videos. You’re also supposed to use it to add annotations and rely on a digital pen in the process. The price is $700 and the Sony DPT-RP1 is meant for the likes of lawyers, researchers, notaries and other major professional segments.

The launch is only limited to Japan for starters.