There’s fresh intel in town concerning Samsung’s first foldable phone. It appears that it’s going to have a huge battery, according to a new report from CGS-CIMB Research of Korea. They actually have some predictions about the foldable Samsung Galaxy handset.

The company showed off a prototype of the device at the SDC 2017 last month and said it’s going to release the final version in 2019. It could debut as the Galaxy Fold or Galaxy F, together with the Galaxy S10. The research report mentions how the foldable phone market will boom from 2019. Samsung isn’t the only firm working on such a thing, as Oppo, Huawei, Lenovo and many more are doing similar projects.

However the latest piece of info tells us that the Galaxy F will have a rather large battery. It’ll fold in half, so there’s going to be a battery in either half of the machine. This means a combined capacity between 5000 and 6000 mAh. The device would surely need a large battery to power the two screens. There’s one piece of info that keeps repeating in leaks, like the fact the main panel will be a 7.3 incher in tablet mode, split in two 4.6 inch screens.

One expects the Exynos 9820 CPU inside, or the Snapdragon 855. The research report also talks about tri fold smartphones, that will appear in the future. They could even spawn devices with a diagonal size of 12 inches or so. Expect a pricing of $1800, which is certainly less than the recently rumored $2500. Only a million units will be produced at first. In spite of the promise of a massive battery or two, I have a feeling that the screen on time won’t be great.