Late last year the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet got a ton of coverage, when it was proved to be thinner than the iPad Air 2. One of the selling points of the device, that’s not very easy to find nowadays is the 3D sensing ability via the set of cameras at the back.


The technology behind is Intel Real Sense and it creates a 3D view of the environment around, among others. There’s an 8 megapixel camera at the back, plus two extra depth cameras included by Intel. The concept involved here is pretty similar to the one of the Duo camera on the HTC One M8. The cameras can create a depth illusion with the device’s wallpaper, but there are also other features demoed in the video below.


In the video you can witness the creation of a motion pattern and see how a regular picture is moved and turned into sort of a GIF. One can refocus too and add a depth filter to pictures. You can also tweak colors to various degrees. Right now the Intel Real Sense cameras aren’t exactly used to the maximum potential, being only exploited for photo features. In the future we expect developers to create new games and apps based on these cameras.

You can also find distances between objects and even loop an image with 3D motion using the same cameras on the Dell tablet, by the way. Augmented reality may also be in the mix in the future.