Google’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition, a tablet version that was handed out at the Google I/O event in May just received an update to Honeycomb 3.1. We’ve seen this model for sale on eBay and also we’ve spotted some units with the screens falling apart, but that doesn’t matter now, when we get ready to welcome the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Once the update kicks in on the device, we’re reminded that in most cases the apps, photos and stored data are not affected by it. Well, “most cases” is not quite reassuring, is it? Backup is recommended of course and if you must know, there’s already Honeycomb 3.2 out there, but it’s only a tweaked version of Honeycomb for 7 inch screens.

It’s kind of like calling the Android 2.3 on the HTC ChaCha Android 2.4, just because they can… This update is a good sign that we’re heading towards the TouchWiz UX 4.0 update that got previewed at CTIA 2011 on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.