Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is without a doubt the most controversial tablet of the past years, since it had an infringement suit against it filed by Apple, one that last for a long while. What’s strange is that even after Apple won the case against other Samsung devices, but lost on account of the Tab 10.1, the device stayed banned… till today. After a long wait, finally the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s ban is lifted.

At the end of the business day yesterday Judge Lucy Koh granted Samsung’s request to dissolve the injunction of the slate. However, there’s a hearing on December 6th, where Apple can win a permanent ban of the device this time, not a temporary one, so it’s not all over. About an hour before Judge Koh lifted the ban, Samsung attacked the iPhone 5, on account of infringing 8 Samsung patents, so the war still goes on. Samsung had already informed the court on September 20th in a filing that they intend to attack the new iPhone before the product started shipping.

The documents say that Sammy was at work investigating the product as soon as it was launched and determined that the iPhone 5 uses its patented technologies. Back to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate, this model doesn’t have much relevance now, since it’s one year old and there are much more appealing products on the market, like Note II or Note 10.1, but still it’s a matter of principle.