Russia wants to rely less on computer chips from USA and more on their solutions in the future. Intel and AMD solutions will be replaced by domestically produced Baikal CPUs, in a project that is worth dozens of millions of dollars.


Seeing how the current situation is with Russia and the tension around it, this is a decision that makes sense. The problems in Ukraine may trigger economical sanctions for Russia, so they will have to use their own chipsets. The Baikal micro processor will be designed by a unit of  T-Platforms, a producer of supercomputers. It will get funding from state defense bigshot Rostec and cofinanced by giant company Rosnano.

State funding is insured here and the final products will be the Baikal M and the M/S chips, based on the 64 bit core Cortex A57 made by UK firm ARM. The frequency is 2 GHz and the chip is meant for PCs and micro servers. The Baikal chips will be installed on PCs in the government bodies and state firms, that purchase almost 1 million personal computers each year.

  • Anthony Evans

    LOL gonna suck

  • mac231us

    yes gonna suck..for Intel and AMD..never underestimate the enterprise of others-worst mistake anyone could do

  • feako

    tl;dr they attach keyboard, mouse and display to a tablet hardware running linux. Good enough for browsing web and porn, useless for anything else really.

  • Anthony Evans

    It wont suck for Intel and AMD. They are having supply issues anyways. Just means more companies will have access to Intel and AMD now.

  • mac231us

    then it does not suck for

  • ydk2

    Are you idiot , i use linux and can more on it than Mac and W8. Android it’s linux to, facebook use ubuntu linux like google, and last funny thing MS servers run on RHEL linux because Win servers cannot run on realy power computers.
    NASA use russian engines to go in space, americans simple not work it is commertial shit.