Believe it or not, policemen in the Republic of Moldova still use screwdrivers when they find a car parked in the wrong place in order to take the license plate of the culprit. Now they’re going straight to smartphones and tablets, since they’ve been equipped with these devices, courtesy of the Chinese Government.

moldova phone tablet

The same nation also gifted the Moldavians with an impressive amount of surveillance cameras for their capital city, Chisinau. The new smartphones and tablets will aid the lawmen monitor forbidden parking more easily and also document accidents faster. It may take a while for the police offers to get used to the new technological means, but I’m sure they’ll adapt fast.

The idea is to take a picture of the car parked in the wrong place and then use the shot as proof for fining  that person. Then the officer has to fill in a digital form about the legal breach, that will be delivered to a monitoring center. And then the fine comes home to the owner of the car. Digital signatures will also be implemented in the future and citizens will be able to sign on the device.

The whole batch of devices is worth $1.2 million dollars and it’s a donation from China.