Philips recently announced a partnership with Disney to supply tablets with accessories, or better said night lamps shaped like famous Disney characters. The launch of the products will go down in September and the lamps are destined for children.


The products will connect to an e-book reader or tablet and change color and light intensity as you read certain stories. The product range is Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting and includes models like StoryLight and Mickey Starter Kit, which is a lamp shaped like Mickey Mouse, that syncs the light according to the story on the e-rear or iPad.

There’s also a SleepTime and Mickey & Minnie Mouse edition, a night stand lamp, that brings the Disney magic to your sleep time. It lets the children now when it’s nap time and wakey time. There’s even a Monster Inc edition, since there’s a new movie in the cinema and this lamp is ideal as the night light for your children. LivingColors Micro lamps and Cars, Plans and Princess Ariel offer 64 colors and get used as background for the playing space.

No idea what the prices are yet.