Microsoft has at least one big partner secured for Windows 8 tablet purchases and that’s the Pentagon, that has decided to go with tiles and touchscreens this time around. The military institution signed a 3 year deal with MS, for the licensing of Windows 8.


The deal was actually done with the aid of the United States Department of Defense, that will offer Windows 8 to 75% of its 450k employees. Right now, the Army, Air Force and Defense Information Systems Agency all have deals with Microsoft regarding OS licensing. There will probably be a massive training required to get all the employees to learn how to use the new UI, seeing how even Microsoft claimed that it takes about 2 weeks to get used to Windows 8.

Expect many generals and high intelligence officers to be stunned by the lack of the Start button and ask the “eye in the sky” why Microsoft couldn’t deliver a more coherent experience. With tens of thousands of employees at Microsoft and other companies getting Windows 8 devices and now hundreds of thousands more, Microsoft doesn’t really need the general consumer to make a buck, do they?