Google had a lot of promise in the Google TV platform, but that didn’t materialize into a real thing, at least not in 2012. For a while companies like Sony and LG seemed to have given up on this initiative, that’s now being resurrected by ASUS, if recent rumors are to be believed. And that will happen at CES 2013 apparently.


ASUS, Hisense and TCL, 3 companies that are new to the Google TV platform are supposed to have plans with it, showing off new Google TV goodies at CES starting next week. LG, Vizio and Sony may also unveil new stuff, although Sony has been pretty shaky when it comes to novelty lately. In a blog post on the official Google TV blog, the search engine giant announced that there will be some companies showcasing new TV devices, including ASUS. The new products include set top boxes, integrated TVs and IPTV boxes.

The biggest name in the bunch is certainly ASUS, that’s rumored to release the Qube, a device that reached the FCC in November. The Qube may also be a part of the Nexus lineup, just like the Nexus Q. If it’s real, it may become Google’s flagship Google TV device, sort of like Apple TV. We’ll learn more at CES…