Huawei MediaPad is the first tablet to run Honeycomb 3.2, a version that was actually Android 3.x adapted to smaller diagonal slates, if I remember well. Well, now we have this device in for testing, under the branding Orange Tahiti, which is a rebranding of the Huawei gear done by carrier Orange. Now let’s see what’s inside the black and orange box.

We get the slate in plastic wrapping, a bunch of manuals, the microUSB cable and a charger. The Tahiti is a 7 inch tablet with a dual core 1.2 GHz CPU, a 5MP camera and 3G connectivity in this case, via SIM card. Said card will go into a slot that’s hidden together with the microSD one under a plastic cover at the back of the device. We’ll test the rebranded MediaPad over the next days and find out if it’s any good in comparison with other 7 inch models like the HTC Flyer, PlayBook and Amazon Kindle Fire.

For now, all I can say is that the device doesn’t seem to be elegant, as it’s too bulky and not as light as one might think at first sight. I’ve heard that the Android 4.0 update will come sooner than some think, so we might get lucky these days…

  • They say it’s also a smartphone, for the one in need, so it has an advantage over Vodafone’s SmartTab. I haven’t laid my hands on this tablet, so I’m curious of battery life and standby time.