Carl Pei, the cofounder and director of OnePlus was spotted at CES 2015 by the guys of Android Headlines, who did an interview with the man himself. Among the topics approached there were obviously the plans for a OnePlus Two, but also tablets. Apparently, OnePlus has no intention whatsoever to get into this business.


Carl Pei claims that OnePlus doesn’t do tablets, since they haven’t seen good implementations with such devices. He also said in the same interview that nobody is making big money on tablets, since many companies are selling them at loss. The official mentioned that when OnePlus started out it was clear that the smartphone is the primary gadget a person uses.

He also mentioned smartwatches and claims there are prototypes floating around, so a tablet has been looked into, but hasn’t been found satisfactory. Well, if they do make a tablet, it’ll probably be sold instantly, have low stocks, invites and CyanogenMod… plus a cool packaging, all of these already OnePlus trademarks.