Olivetti is an Italian electronics brand that recently unveiled two new tablets with pen input, Android and quad core Tegra 3 processor. They’re called the OliPad Graphos and OliPad Tegra 3 and they’re made by Olivetti, an Italian computer manufacturer.

This brand is pretty big in Italy, having a history of 100 years behind it. The OliPad TEgra 3 uses the latest Nvidia CPU, a 10 inch IPS display with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and comes with Android 4.0 ICS, plus NFC and optional 3G. There’s also WiFi, but the rest of the specs, such as RAM, storage and other hardware are kept secret. The other Olivetti model, the OliPad Graphos will pack an 8 inch display and it won’t be as well specced as its brethren.

The Graphos relies on stylus input and uses Android 4.0 ICS as well, plus a sleek design. This model weighs around 600 grams and together with the OliPad Tegra 3 it’ll hit the Italian market before summer. Don’t ask about pricing, since that’s a mystery right now and we don’t even have an idea if the products will reach the rest of Europe and the USA or not. Hopefully they will and maybe with a sub $400 price tag.