If you’re a PlayStation 4 user, you probably know by now that there’s a dedicated Sony Android app, but one that hasn’t been optimized for tablets till now. The 2.0 update of the app brings support for tablets and a few new features and you can get it here.


Aside from official tablet support, the software also brings a redesigned homescreen, but the changes are discrete, to be frank. We get a basic friends list and game notifications on the PSN tab, while the rest of the app seems to have received a slight facelifit. It uses an all blue background and few contrast colors. You can also search your friends list using their real names, not only their PSN IDs.

The app also allows you to see what your friends are playing, in what part of the planet in Destiny they are for example and check out their trophies. You can also chat with friends, get notifications, game alerts and invites, plus use your mobile device as a keyboard for the PS4, which is quite the advantage. You can even browse the PS Store and get the latest add ons and games.