One other aspect that comes in mind when choosing a mobile device is the power of the speaker. It´s not so much the volume as it is its ability to provide quality sound that is enjoyable when listening to music or watching a movie.


We´ve seen manufacturers trying to implement speaker enhancements into their devices but each implementation has rather disappointing then managed to really set a new standard. Huawei has gone with Dolby Mobile while Sony´s XLoud feature was ported to other devices. The thing is nothing can make-up for a dedicated hardware chip to process the sound. That is the basis for the technology developed by Dutch chip-maker NXP and demoed on the Nexus 7.

NXP is planing on integrating its technology – the TFA9887 – into a number of devices, including from HTC. What it does is it processes the sound during playback and adjusts the volume to the maximum for each portion without causing distortion. On the down side, the component needs 9.5V to function so until some kind of optimization is found it will be hard to implement it while still maintaining power efficiency.