NVIDIA has made a few announcements today, regarding its Shield Tablet and a new service. The service is called GRID and it has to do with on demand streaming, while the major Shield update brings both Lollipop and a hot bundle of games.


The bundle includes Half-Life 2: Episode One and the update brings access to the streaming video service GRID. That one gives you access to over 20 AAA games. The Shield Tablet features the famous Tegra K1 processor with 192 cores and starting with November 18th, the slate will get Android 5.0 on board. This will also bring an update for Dabbler, a drawing app that gets a new UI, multiple layer interaction and the possibility of creative session sharing via Twitch.

Also, Nvidia announced 4 new games that are Shield-optimized: OddWorld: Stranger’s Wrath, Pure Pool, Strike Suit Zero and Turbo Dismount. By the way, GRID comes to Nvidia Shield Tablet in a few days in USA, next month in Europe and next year in Asia. The service will be offered for free on tablets and consoles till June 30 2015. GRID will include a series of games such as Arkham City, Borderlands 2, Brutal Legend or Psychonauts.