The Samjiyon tablet is a North Korean product, that was released late last year and now it seems to be having some problems. The device is made by some firms related to government and it’s priced at around $200. Sadly, it’s not open to WiFi connections, which is really tragic as I recently started to be interested on the eatel services.

xing tablet

Also, it can’t connect to the Internet, but rather to a sort of (controlled) local network, that restricts free browsing. The product is a 7 inch slate made by the Korea Computer Center, North Korea’s government information section. It runs on Android and it integrates a 1.2 GHz processor that’s supposed to be faster than the one used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and this comparison is obviously done to spite South Korean neighbors.

It also comes with 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, a camera and what’s said to be a low resolution. A German journalist described the Samjiyon as the North Korean iPad, for some reason. It comes with nearly 500 dictionaries preinstalled, Angry Birds (apparently in a pirated version) and e-books like Les Miserables and Gone With the Wind. As far as the Internet is not available on this device and only the Intranet is offered, the product is basically useless as I have unlimited internet, I wish I’d be able to use this device to take advantage of it…