Barnes & Noble has taken its time to debut its first Nook e-readers in the United Kingdom, but finally it has done so. The Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch Glowlight are now available for 79 quid and 109 respectively. They’re up for sale at various retailers and it appears that next month we’ll see the new tablets from B & N arriving, the Nook HD+ priced at 229 quid.

The 7 inch Nook HD will cost 159 quid, for those interested and you can now preorder both version of the tablet in the UK. The Nook products are available at stores including John Lewis, Argos and Blackwell’s, plus supermarkets like Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s. If you’re into the GlowLight Nook, this e-reader is a bit thicker than the Kindle Touch, measuring 11.9 mm. It’s also lighter than both the Kindle or the Nook Simple Touch, weighing almost 7 ounces.

The GlowLight uses a 6 inch 800 x 600 E Ink Pearl display and it has a screen protector on the top of said screen, that makes text appear slightly softer and with a lower contrast. The technology behind Glowlight involves a set of 8 LED lights at the top of the slate, that are placed between the bezel and the display. The light shines down on the Nook’s display and spreads all over its surface.