There’s a Nokia Air video posted on YouTube recently, but the idea here is actually pretty old. This a project that has been in the making at Nokia for a while now, involving a cloud solution that may eventually replace Skydrive. Word of mouth says that this will remain a concept and prototype, since the Air project was canned, but still there’s an interesting tablet shown in the video below.

You can see that the integration between tablet, phone and a little pocket phone companion is seamless, which is a very cool thing. The OS here is the interesting thing, since it looks like a combo between Symbian and Meego. The tablet has a strange wedge that reminds me of the Sony Tablet S. There’s also a foldable phone in the video and the widgets included here look very crisp and dynamic. The UI here makes me think of Meego more than Symbian, for some reason, unless this is a very evolved S40 on steroids or something.

The tablet is kind of uninspired if you ask me and I’m sure Sony would sue Nokia if they put this into practice, but the folding companion phone really made me think. Considering Symbian doesn’t have long to go, MeeGo is already dead, what’s the point of the Nokia Air cloud service? And what about the tablet? Do you prefer this design or the recent Nokia Lumia Tab concepts?