This weekend we stumbled upon a very entertaining iPad game called No Zombies Allowed. The title is a building game, that allows you to expand your city and fight zombies. The graphics are cartoonish, as shown in the video and images below. The purpose is to save people from zombies and you have to build your city at the same time.

There are also missions that involve shooting the brain eaters. Level up is also part of the gameplay and you can buy businesses or homes and even hire workers to do the jobs you need. The level up system also brings more money and new weapons, with the money being used to develop the city. This title is made by Booyah and it has in app purchases that make the challenge easier. In spite of the presence of zombies, this is not a gory game, opting instead for a cartoonish approach, as I said.

The businesses you can found include a pizza parlor or circus and there are many more. Survivors can be put to work and a micro economy system will be created in this apocalyptic setting. The more survivors you take in, the more the businesses flourish. The game uses location data to pull a list of businesses from an area and you can then send your people on errands to get supplies. There’s also a mini game with zombies that attack the people sent to get resources. This game is very fun to play and I recommend you get it from here.