For a long while there was a codename out there associated with a supposed Nexus 8 slate, but that ended up being the Google Play Edition of the LG G Pad. Over the past months we’ve learned to forget about this product, until today when its name and a new codename came up.


Apparently, the tradition of using a sea life codename is kept by Google, so this model will be the “Flounder”. Just for the sake of reminding you, the Nexus 4 was mako, Nexus 5 was hammerhead and the Nexus 10 was manta. Courtesy of a new bug reports for Chrome filed by a Google employee we learned through a text string that the name “flounder” should apply to the product.

This also brings us back to the Nexus 7 2013 WiFi, that had the “flo” codename, but it was never expanded to flounder before. The “flounder” was said to be running an SDK development branch of Android, with a build dating from earlier this week, so it’s fresh. Well, if the device is real, we’re about a month from its unveiling…