The guys of iFixit always provide us with reliable input concerning various devices’ repairability scores. They tear down new products and reveal to us how difficult or easy it is to repair a gadget. Today they tackled the Nexus 7 II and what came out can be seen below.


The device was just announced this week and it started appearing up for order on Best Buy yesterday. I’ll remind you this is a 7 inch quad core Snapdragon S4 Slate with a Full HD resolution (actually 1920 x 1200). iFixit claims that the second gen device is thinner, narrower and taller, plus it lacks the texture of the back panel.


Other changes include the upgrade to stereo sound, with 3 grilles available now, for 2 incorporated speakers. 2 grilles are at the base and one at the top. The device is very easy to open up, with a plastic opening tool, that reveals a huge battery. There’s also an inductive charging coil in there, for wireless charging and an NFC module on top of the charging coil.

In the end, the device gets a 7 out of 10 repairability score, which is very good for a 2013 device, but it lost points because the front glass is adhered to the display frame.