The Apple iPad is totally dominating the web market based on tablets, with a recent Chitika report from July showing that the Apple slate controls 91.07% of the traffic on tablets. That’s a huge figure, even considering Apple’s fame, but there’s another story here: there’s a small decline of the web traffic share from 91.41% in June. What caused that? Let’s find out!

Apple supposedly introduced the iPad Mini on Tuesday to counter the Nexus 7 and other similar rivals that may threaten Apple in the future. Right now, Nexus 7 stands for 0.33% of the tablet based web traffic. Chitika shows that the 0.33% share owned by the Nexus 7in July shows the largest share of web traffic scored by a brand new slate in the first month after its debut. From July till now, the Google Nexus tablet has gained 135% in web share, once again proving it’s popular.

Chitika also has a note saying that the B & N Nook, now the third most popular Android tablet managed to leak over the ASUS Transformer Pad and the Toshiba Thrive. Leaving aside the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab has generated 2.5% of the tablet based web traffic, after also gaining 0.52% in July. I’m curios where the Surface tablet will fit in with these stats, once it’s launched in just hours from now.