The Olympics aren’t all about ads from sponsors like Samsung and Acer. They also sneaked in some Apple and Google ads, with the latter offering commercials for the Nexus 7 tablet. Their campaign involves a father and son outdoor experience, as they share the joy of the tablet in the wilderness… of their back yard.

Meanwhile, Apple pits against this family-based clip a genius who helps Mac owners get through a crisis, in various situations. Advertising analytics company Ace Metrix figured out that Google’s ad is better received than Apple’s campaign. After all, they are advertising a true product and not actually people who are helpful in their stores, which is kind of useless if you ask me. The Nexus 7 ad is the first hardware campaign since the TV spot for the Nexus One in 2010.

Google’s spot scores 662 out of 950 in the Ace Metrix “effectiveness scale”, which is a lot today. For comparison sake, you have all the ads included here and it’s clear which one is better. However, I suggest you wait for the iPhone 5 ad and then we’ll see who’s laughing. And one more thing: enter YouTube and see how many dislikes the Apple ads have. That speaks for itself.