After the Nexus 5 got Android 4.4.1 and some other devices are sideloading it, it’s the turn of Nexus 10 to play with the new software. There’s no exact idea what the bug fixes are at the moment, since most of those known on the web target the Nexus 5.


One thing is for sure here: the default app for handling pics taken with the camera app is the Google+ Photos app and not the stock Android Gallery app. Of course, Project Svelte brings extra speed and I expect to also get some superior Google Now integration, if possible, although I wouldn’t bet on that.

You need to make sure your Nexus 10 is running the stock Android 4.4 build KRT16S before sideloading package you download from here. It’s starting to become more and more clear that we won’t get a Nexus 10 2013 model. Maybe in 2014…