Samsung has passed the mark with the flagship Galaxy S4 device launched not too long ago. As we’ve been used to the past two years, the manufacturer may be also launching the next generation Galaxy Note device, soon enough according to the latest rumors. The device may arrive as the SM-N9000.


There have been a great deal of rumors lately concerning the next in line Galaxy Note III phablet. Most seem to agree that the device will be an upgrade over the predecessor from just about every point of view. Supporting very powerful hardware, even compared to the Galaxy S4 and an even bigger screen than the previous gen the device may be going for a whole new approach.

The latest leaked info coming straight from Samsung Kazakhstan’s official website state that the Galaxy Note III may be coming in as the SM-N9000. Though thee kind of details are not actually relevant to the adverage user, it’s good to see the manufacturer including the naming in its near future plans. The device is said to offer a 6 inch Full HD display, 13MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, 3GB of RAM, and a quad-core or octa-core CPU.