According to WSJ, the new Samsung CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun started off strong, saying during his inaugural speech that Samsung must focus on software improvements in order to maintain its leading position in the tech biz.

I couldn’t agree with him more, considering the huge time it took for Android 4.0 to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, plus the lack of said update for the Galaxy Tab line, that’s still waiting for it. The new CEO wants a new customer experience, stronger design and solutions and maybe this way Sammy will finally evolve from that godawful TouchWiz, that was only decent on 3 devices alone so far: Galaxy S III and the two Galaxy Tab 2 units, the 7 incher one being pictured above. We’re testing it right now by the way!

Anyway the new CEO didn’t disclose any figures spent on the software division, but I’m convinced they’ll get a boost. The famous hacker/developer Cyanogen was working for Samsung’s software area last I heard, so maybe he’ll get a raise too, who knows? This big rush to change everything when it comes to user experience and software came once Google bought Motorola Mobility.

Samsung already started to focus more on successful products and put away Windows Phone and Bada for now, only focusing on Android. It will be interesting to see how they approach the whole Windows 8 thing, once it launches… after all, they had one of the prototype Win 8 slates made.