Many people were expecting to see a new Nexus tablet at Google I/O 2013 and also a new Android release, but that didn’t happen. However, leaks have shown us what to expect from the future devices and software. The slide below was quickly shown during I/O and it includes a tablet that’s a tad different from the usual Nexus 7.


If you look closely, you’ll see that the tablet in the middle looks like a Nexus 7, but it’s also a bit different. The shiny trim around the bezel is missing and you may also notice that the lower and upper edges are slightly curved, instead of being straight, like on the Nexus 7. We could be dealing with a placeholder here and because of the low resolution we won’t jump to conclusions.

The video below shows the device yet again at the 38:30 mark. For those of you wondering, the new Nexus 7 will be once again made by Google and ASUS together and it will feature a 7 inch Full HD display with 16:10 aspect ratio. Reports also suggest that the newcomer has a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU from Qualcomm instead of the Tegra 3 of the previous gen slate.