The leaks of the iPad Pro 2020 are growing bolder and more believable, especially the latest one. Ben Geskin, designer and renderer extraordinaire has scored some cases for the upcoming iPad and published their photos on his Twitter account. You can check them out below.

What stands out si the fact that we do get a square cutout for the main camera, which most likely includes triple sensors. We’ve heard multiple times even a year ago that we were bound to get a triple camera iPad Pro with extra AR features and the iPhone 11 Pro sensor setup. There are still rumors saying we may only get a dual setup, but the square module is here to stay. The latest rumors point towards a March 31st event for Apple, bringing the iPhone 9/SE 2 or just “the iPhone” and this new tablet.

Worst case scenario we get an affordable iPad and the new Pro is kept for the Fall event with the iPhone 12 (or iPhone Air as the cool kids are calling it). The new iPad Pros are expected to have 5G, USB-C ports, Apple Pencil, the Apple A13x or A14x CPU, plenty of RAM and generous screen. OLED or LCD, that’s the real question. The design will most likely be all metal, since the glass on the Galaxy Tab S4 was a huge print magnet and not very comfy.

I’m curious how Apple will sell us the triple camera tablet as a real decent photo and video taking machine.