If you own an iPad, then you know you’re the lucky user of many thousands of apps specifically created for your device. If you’re an Android tablet users, well there are not that many apps for tablets out there… so you have to adapt. An idea would be installing software as the Tablified Market HD application, that gives you all the tablet apps you need.

Tablified Market HD now goes for 50% less than usual, reaching a mere dollar in price and taking up only 1.4 MB of space. It allows users to filter applications by stars, price, separate apps and games and see the most downloaded and top rated pieces of software. Tablified Market HD displays tablet apps and tablet apps alone, including news and reviews and the only downside here is that it misses some of the cool apps in the Tegra Zone somehow.

So, I recommend you still get this app, as it’ll help you navigate into the sea of apps out there and find the ones suited for your device. It will give you a list of third party applications for Android tablets and in depth reviews, so you know what you’re buying. The listings are divided into 27 categories of apps and 6 subcategories of games. Users can filter between free or paid and you get a list view or icon grid view, depending on your preferences. You can download it from here.