Tablets are the new netbooks it seems and this trend was certainly emphasized by the recent Mobile World Congress and CES editions. Meanwhile, the tablets’ technologies are evolving, with the aid of researchers, like those of MIT, recently working on sketch-interpreting software. Imagine a computer that can recognise any drawing done by you on a screen, or a diagram.

The new system will look pretty good on the iPad, once the tech is finalized and if Apple accepts it in the App Store. A demo of the MIT technology shows a computer recognizing a molecule of Acetaminophen drawn on screen. After the recognition, its name is entered in a search engine and the chemical structure is shown.

This technology will also have the ability to identify circuit diagrams and clean rough sketches, for better understanding. Math and other sciences will become much easier and formulas/diagrams won’t get messed up any more.

[via gottabemobile]