Microsoft has more or less leaked the name of its future Windows release, that we already knew as Windows 9. Apparently this name was uttered by Alain Crozier, President of Microsoft France during a speech this week.


However, Microsoft immediately reacted and said the product doesn’t have a final name. I’ll remind you there’s a MS event taking place on September 30 and it’s related to the new Windows apparently. Nicolas Petit, director of Marketing and Operations with Microsoft France backtracked on the Crozier statement, only saying that he looks forward to seeing everyone on the 30th in San Francisco, in order to reveal “the future of Windows”.

Internally, the product is codenamed Threshold and Microsoft is set to unveil a public preview of the new OS in early October, for enterprises and fans. I’d be very surprised if the OS ends up being named anything other than Windows 9, to be honest, although I’d see Microsoft going with something crazy or minimalistic, like simply “Windows”, or “Windows Air”, if you want to be cheeky.

  • vasras

    So they are running focus groups in marketing, on how to make the consumers even more confused about what is Windows Phone, what is Windows RT and what is Windows Desktop (X86/x64) and what people can do/run on each.

    It’s going to be another marketing failure from MS.