After learning a while ago that Microsoft intends to unveil its plans and direction for Windows 9 at this year’s BUILD, today we get more info on the roadmap of the future OS. A well known hacker has revealed that the new Windows will be released to PC makers in October.


Since Windows 8.1 isn’t getting the needed traction and people don’t seem excited about it, Microsoft is speeding things up with Windows 9. A recent leak from a reporter says that Windows 9 may come in April next year, but now it may be sooner. WZor, a well known hacker with sources inside Microsoft said that the Windows 9 RTM build will arrive in October this year.

It will be released to PC manufacturers so they can install it and test it on their devices. If this is true, Windows 9 may debut much earlier than April 2015, provided that everything goes fine with this software. Are we willing to give MS one more chance?