Microsoft is said to be cutting the price of Windows 8.1 by up to 70% for makers of lower cost PCs and tablets, in an attempt to compete with the Chromebooks in a proper manner.


This means that manufacturers will be charged $15 to license Windows 8.1 and preinstall it on devices that retail for less than $250. Usually the license fee was $50 and the discount only applies to products that meet the price limit. There are no restrictions regarding the size or type of device.

Microsoft wants a bigger share of the $80 billion tablet market and fight Apple and Google based products. The company, with Satya Nadella as CEO now wants to speed up the development process of new devices and get over the whole licensing thing. Windows 8 is also facing lower adoption than Windows 7, so there has to be extra incentive to use it on devices. Will the lower fee tempt new slate makers to join the ring?