While the rest of the world is playing with Honeycomb, dual core Tegra 2 processors and even 3D graphics, good old Microsoft wants to focus on stylus interaction and Windows 7. Till Win 8 is around, we’ll give the Eee Slate a chance, mostly because it has such cool promo videos, the one we’ve shown you below.

The ASUS Eee Slate is a 12.1 inch Windows 7 slate, with a Core i5 processor and a Wacom digitizer. There’s also a stylus embedded and you get a Bluetooth keyboard in the box of the device, which is pretty cool. The specs also include 32/64GB of internal memory, 2/4GB of RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi and mini HDMI.

The pricing starts at $900, if our info is correct and the battery life for this baby should be around 4.5 hours. Microsoft and ASUS show you how to create art, do business and blog in the following promo videos for the Eee Slate: