If you’re a fan of the Max Payne series, know that Max Payne 3 is now in stores for your PS3, while the original Max Payne is now in Google Play Store and Tegra Zone. Completely optimized for Tegra 3 gaming, this title is the original game of the series, from back in 2001 and it goes for $2.99, taking up 1.33GB of space.

This title won a ton of awards when it came out more than 10 years ago and invented some of the in-game mechanics that we’re so used to nowadays. It gave us bullet time and great dual weapon wielding action. You probably know the story: Max is a fugitive undercover cop framed for murder and he’s chased by the police and the mob. This cinematic action shooter invented the bullet time, meaning the slow motion gunplay sequence that’s been used on dozens of games already.

Optimized for Tegra 3 and the likes, this game offers extra antistrophic texture filtering and enhanced lighting. HD quality resolution, gameplay adapted for touchscreens, support for customizable controls and gamepads are all available here. Multiple aiming modes and Social Club, a way to play and socialize are also included. The game works great on many tablets, ranging from the Motorola Xoom to the LG Optimus Pad, Transformer Prime, HTC Flyer, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and tons more!

You can download it from here!