Malata is a name you must’ve heard before, especially if you’ve been following our reviews. We had the Malata Zpad T8 in for a review in the rebranded Romanian version Evolio Neura. Now there’s a new Malata gadget in town, the T10, a pretty unique product, if I may say.

Malata is a Shenzhen company that now offers us a dual screen capacitive and electromagnetic solution, that will increase productivity. The T10 slate allows the user to switch the two screens easily with the press of a button. The capacitive one will be used for entertainment and the electromagnetic one will be used for work purposes.

Input is very easy to do with an electromagnetic pen. Malata T10 also comes with a bunch of reasonable features, include a 1GHz Tegra 2 dual core CPU, a 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 16 or 32GB of storage, a 5 megapixel camera and Android 2.3 as the OS of choice. There’s also WCDMA 3G connectivity, telephony functions and a 4000 mAh battery in the mix. The product measures 13.9mm in thickness.